Machine Monitoring System

Track the performance for every machine on your factory floor.

Identify underlying problems using modern dashboards and reports.

Respond quickly to anomalies with text message alerts.


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Energy Use


Operator Context

Simple Installation,

Significant Impact

No IT Integration    

No Interruptions    

No PLC    

Amper analyzes electricity data to give you real-time insights into each of your machines. The plug-and-play system is compatible with any kind of equipment and can be deployed in minutes.

Installs in Minutes

Non-invasive sensors and cellular connectivity make the installation simple and easy with only one person.

Real-time Visibility

See your entire factory at a glance and quickly respond to incidents with dashboards and text message alerts.

Take Corrective Action

Target high impact problems with actionable reports. Enable data-driven continuous improvement and OEE tracking.

Leading Manufacturers Use Amper

The Amper team’s responsiveness and reporting has been paramount in our effort to quickly identify and prioritize the issues in our facility.
Erik Johnson,
Arcadia Metalcraft