A simple, practical approach to digitizing every machine.

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Machine Monitoring System

Gain real-time visibility across all your machines and enable data-driven improvements. The plug-and-play system is compatible with any kind of equipment and can be deployed in minutes without any IT integration.

Improve Lead Times

The system sends an alert if the throughput in below expected, when downtime has crossed a threshold or if cycle-times have increased beyond a limit.

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Track your machines in real-time and get instant text alerts on unplanned downtime. Generate detailed reports to track and quantify improvements in setup times and utilization.

Install in Minutes

The system is deployed in minutes without having to integrate with PLCs or IT systems. Our non-invasive sensors and cellular connection make installation simple and plug-and-play.

Real-time Machine Performance

The Product

Track the performance of each machine on your factory floor. Access real-time machine metrics through modern dashboards and rich reports. Get instantly alerted in case of anomalies via text messages.

  • • Downtime
  • • Cycle-time
  • • Utilization
  • • Units produced
  • • Energy use

How it Works

Machine Metrics from
Electricity Use

Amper generates machine metrics by non-invasively measuring the electrical use of a machine and intelligently interpreting the current signals.

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Amper offers a low-effort and easy-to-implement solution. Deploy today on just 5 machines to test the system.