Key Metrics

Amper gives you the metrics your factory needs to grow. Know your factory performance and take action where it matters.


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Units Produced BETA

Energy Use


Operator Context

On-Time Delivery

Increased OEE

Accurate Planning

Machine Monitoring
No PLC or IT





Utilization Timelines

Immediately know how your factory has been performing. View timelines from previous days or see the data live.

Real-Time Dashboards

Quickly identify problems as they happen. Virtually be everywhere at once and monitor your factory at a glance.

Utilization Trends

Identify low performing machines with the Utilization Explorer. Compare across machines and over time.

Identify Root Cause

The Downtime Explorer uses data from the Operator Tablet to highlight the leading causes of downtime. Take action on high impact problems first.

Downtime Alerts

Get text message notifications on issues like a machine stopping during unattended production.


Operator Context

Using a tablet near the machine, operators input downtime reason codes and even custom data as required.

Operator Data

Download operator-provided data for custom fields like part count and scrap rates. Make collecting operator-provided data easier and more reliable.


What You Get

Amper offers a complete solution from the hardware to the software.
It's simple to use and easy to install.
Non-Invasive Sensors

Amper uses non-invasive current transformers to measure the power draw of machines. The sensors wrap around the power cable.

Internet-Connected Gateway

The system has been designed to make it frictionless to deploy. Our cellular gateway connects without any need for IT integration.

Tablet App

Tablets securely mounted near the machine allow the operator to add context. Use our 4G LTE model or connect to your Wi-Fi.

Web Dashboard

Log on to your online dashboard anytime and anywhere to configure alerts and see real-time status, key metrics and rich reports.

Works With Every Machine

Amper is able to monitor any kind of machine by inferring all the relevant metrics from just the electricial signals.