No IT integration. Deploy in minutes. Avoid installation downtime.


Install non-invasive sensors in the electrical panel


Connect the cellular gateway and allow system calibration


Access dashboards over web and mobile app

It took “seeing is believing” when it came to the simplicity and ease in which the Amper system was installed!
Plant Manager,
Die Cast Facility

Installation Video

Watch Amper's Head of Hardware demonstrate the simple installation process


Sensors Measure Energy

A simple, non-invasive sensor clips around the wire providing power for the machine. Electrical energy data is collected in realtime.

Gateway Transmits Data

From the sensor, the data is sent over an ethernet cord to a cellular gateway which transmits the information directly to Amper’s servers. No IT involved.

Electricity Translated Into Metrics

The electrical energy data is analyzed in the cloud using proprietary algorithms. Machine learning is used to automatically draw insights from any kind of machine.

Operators Capture Context

Operators quickly provide contextual information like the reasons for machine downtime or scrapped parts on a tablet securely mounted near the machine. The tablet interface is simple and clear to use.

Online Dashboard

Log on to your online dashboard anytime and anywhere to configure alerts and see real-time status, key metrics, and rich reports.

Easy to Adopt

The system is a low-risk product that can be tried on a few machines before deploying across a facility.

  • Pilot the starter kit on 5 machines to validate utility
  • Try the system and ensure it works for your company's goals
  • Deploy across the facility to gain full visibility