Before You Install

    1. Check your kit contents to make sure you have everything you need.
    2. Determine whether the product will be installed inside the machine or in an electrical distribution panel. In most cases the highest accuracy is achieved by installing inside the machine's panel. If you are unsure, please consult with Amper prior to the install.
    Kit Contents
    • 1x  Gateway
    • 1x  Aggregator
    • 1-8x  Current Sensors
    • 1x  Gateway Power Supply
    • 1x  CAT5 Cable (25ft)

  1. Power On Gateway
    1. Find a 120V power outlet close to the electrical panel providing power for the machine(s) to be monitored. If no power is available nearby, either run power closer to the machine or use a longer CAT5 cable to put the Gateway closer to power.
    2. Plug in the Gateway power supply to the outlet and let the Gateway turn on.

  2. Check Gateway Cell Signal and Install
    1. Wait for the Gateway to connect to the cellular network (usually 1-3 minutes).
    2. Make sure the signal strength LED (the bottom LED) is either yellow or green. If the LED is red, try elevating the gateway more or consider an alternate location with better reception.
    3. Once signal is good, remove the adhesive backing, wipe any dust or grease off of the wall, and firmly press the Gateway in place.

  3. Identify Sensor Location
    1. If installing in an electrical distribution panel, for each machine in the panel that you want to monitor, identify the circuit breaker and/or wire providing power for the machine.
    2. If installing inside of the machine, identify the power signal to be measured. For most CNC machines this is on the power output of the spindle controller(s). For most Injection Molding machines this is on the servo motor power breaker output or the hydraulic pump motor power breaker output. For other machine types please consult with Amper for best practices.

  4. Prepare Electrical Panel
    1. Open the panel (circuit breaker panel or machine electrical panel).
    2. Determine the best way to run the CAT5 cable into the panel from outside
    3. If no punch holes or ports are available, a 5/8" or larger hole may need to be drilled.
    4. Run the CAT5 cable from the Gateway into the panel.

  5. Install Aggregator in Panel
    1. Plug in the CAT5 cable and check that the device's status LED turns on.
    2. Place Aggregator in a secure position out of the way but within cable length of the wire to be measured.. Adhesive, Velcro, or zip-ties are commonly used to secure the device.

  6. Connect Current Sensor(s)
    1. Clip a sensor onto one of the wires providing power for the machine or subcomponent (any phase is fine).
    2. Plug the sensor into the next available port on the Aggregator and make sure the port’s LED turns on. Start with position 1 and move upwards.
    3. Note the Machine Name, Type, and Port Number on the provided info sheet.
    4. If connecting a multi-spindle machine, connect one clamp to each work spindle. In this case please do not attach anything to position 8.

  7. Complete Info Sheets and Send to Amper
    1. Make sure the Device ID and Machine Information is fully filled out on the provided info sheet.
    2. Take a picture and email the machine information to Amper.

Installation Video

Watch Amper's Head of Hardware demonstrate how to install the product in an electrical distribution panel.

Note: Depending on the machine the product may be installed in a different location

Need Help?

Don't hesitate to reach out - we want to make sure your installation is successful! Contact your Amper rep, send an email, or call us.